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Affordable. Meaningful. Developer-Friendly.

Sports data done right

Fetching sports data shouldn't be hard or expensive. You know the stats you want. You shouldn't need to parse through massive XML files to find what you're looking for.

But most of all, you shouldn't need to spend hours writing custom code for each sport, league or set of stats you want to visualize, analyze, or present.

That's why Stattleship exists.

Start fetching data in minutes

Easy to remember, friendly slugs like "nfl-tom-brady" and "passes-touchdowns".

Consistent patterns means that a call to get touchdowns looks like the endpoint to get free throws, home runs, or power-play goals.

Use natural language dates like "last sunday" or "1 week ago" to query stats.

Modern JSON payloads are quick to parse and we'll keep the responses consistent so you won't need different models for each sport.

Additional context adds value

Sure, we can just give you raw data. But data should be fun and purposeful.

We've categorized and quantified player and teams performances into feats that can quickly be compared, contrasted and put into context.

Instantly know if a stat is a commonplace occurrence or a record-tying achievement.

Build your own great products

From the moment you sign up, you'll realize we've done a lot of hard work for you.

We've partnered with SportsDirect Inc. to provide all of our NFL, NBA, and NHL game data. We'll have MLB in the spring, too.

Our service is designed for creative fans who want to use Stattleship data to build commercial apps that scale.

That's right, we didn't make this data available to you so you could stare at it. Go forth and conquer the world.

Get early access to our basic services

We're just getting started. In addition to the API, we'll offer widgets, social services, models, and feeds.

We're eager to keep throwing new and valuable sports data your way.

to check us out.

Or, explore our docs to see other ways we've made fetching sports data fast, fun and convenient.

We're sports data fans, just like you

At Stattleship, we expect you to demand more. Let us know.

If we don't have it, we'll work really hard to find it.