Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs

America's Team II vs Boys in Blue (and red, and white).

Happy 4th of July! A 1982 issue of Sports Illustrated had referred to the Braves as "America's Team II". Ted Turner's club laid claim to the name due to their games being broadcast on cable television systems nationwide on WTBS, building a fan base in areas of the United States far removed from a Major League Baseball team. But, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys don't agree.

Atlanta Braves 1
Chicago Cubs 5

4 Storylines

Game Leaderboard

  1. 1 Mike Kosowsky plays Stattleship Mike Kosowsky 2-2 1.000

  2. 1 Mike Carlucci plays Stattleship Mike Carlucci 4-4 1.000

  3. 1 slamminsam plays Stattleship slamminsam 2-2 1.000

  4. 4 Robert Leskowsky plays Stattleship Robert Leskowsky 3-4 .750

  5. 4 joseph naggar plays Stattleship joseph naggar 3-4 .750

  6. 6 Onig plays Stattleship Onig 2-4 .500

  7. 6 Norm Ginsberg plays Stattleship Norm Ginsberg 1-2 .500